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Terrace Waterproofing Contractors for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings.

We provide a written five-year Guarantee for all waterproofing services.

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New Residential Building’s Roof-Terrace Waterproofing

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Old and
New Construction Building’s Terrace Waterproofing

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Cement, Metal and Fibre sheet Industrial Shed and RCC Roof Waterproofing Services

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We have provided high-quality waterproofing services in India for over 28 years, offering a genuine guarantee for at least 5 years.

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Expert Terrace and Roof Waterproofing Company

We’re Ready To Make Permanent & Stronger Waterproofing Project

Discover how our team can provide permanent and stronger waterproofing solutions, completing your project faster and more efficiently.

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Expert Engineers

our professional engineers, dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions for all your engineering needs.

Quality Chemicals

We are a Manufacturer of high-quality waterproofing chemicals to protect your property.

Affordable Waterproofing

Permanent waterproofing solutions with Affordable rates for your Valuable Buildings

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We have over 28 years of experience in terrace waterproofing. Waterproofing is vital to protecting your buildings from water damage. We have a wealth of knowledge in this area. Which makes our terrace waterproofing services better.

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Roof Waterproofing Services


We provide reliable terrace waterproofing services

for various types of buildings including residential, commercial, and industrial structures.

Guidelines on Waterproofing in Old Building
Guidelines on Waterproofing in Old Building

Learn effective waterproofing techniques for old buildings to prevent water damage and maintain structural integrity. Expert tips and step-by-step guidelines are provided…

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Roof / Terrace Waterproofing Cost /Rate/Price

What should be kept in mind for 100% waterproofing during new construction?

Learn essential tips and techniques for achieving perfect waterproofing during new construction.

Best Tips on Waterproofing During Construction


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Let’s find the answers to the questions related to waterproofing Solutions.

Let us find answers to your questions regarding waterproofing solutions. Please click the Contact Us page to ask us your other questions.

Waterproofing cost OR Waterproofing Rate can different amounts depending on what you need, like for your roof, terrace, bathroom, or water tank. It’s important to hire good contractors who use high-quality materials and do good work. They can tell you how much it might cost.

Our Roof–Terrace Waterproofing Cost is Rs.35/- to Rs.40/-  Per Sq.feet Visit: https://waterseal.in/waterproofing-cost-per-square-feet/

We, at WATERSEAL, supply waterproofing chemicals and products throughout India.

  1. Free Online Estimates: Simply share site photos, a brief video, and approximate measurements of your waterproofing requirements via WhatsApp from anywhere in India. Upon receiving this information, we will conduct an inspection and provide you with a free online estimate detailing the approximate quantities of chemicals and other necessary materials.
  2. Free Site Visit and Estimate: If your waterproofing project is located within the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we offer both a complimentary site visit and estimate at no cost to you.
  3. For Large-Scale Projects Outside Ahmedabad, Within Gujarat: In cases where your project is situated outside Ahmedabad but still within the state of Gujarat, we do levy a charge of Rs. 1000/- for a site visit.
  4. Outside Gujarat State: If your project is located in any state outside of Gujarat and requires a site visit for critical problem-solving, we charge a fee of Rs. 5000/- for the same.

Our transparent pricing structure ensures that you receive accurate estimates for your waterproofing needs, regardless of your location.

We Provide waterproofing services in Ahmedabad, Gujarat Only.

However, if your project exceeds 3000 square feet in size, we will include an additional 10% transportation fee for projects within Gujarat and a 20% transportation fee for projects located in other states.

Certainly, we provide a written five-year guarantee for all our waterproofing services. If any leakage issues arise within this period as a result of our work, we will promptly address and resolve them at no cost to you. There will be no charges for any remedial work required during this warranty period. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

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