Waterproofing Contractor & Chemicals Waterproofing Ahmedabad,Video

Waterproofing Contractor & Chemicals Waterproofing Ahmedabad, Guj.

Waterproofing ContractorWe are specialized in Waterproofing Contractor for over 25 years. Waterseal became one of the Trusted brand in the filed of waterproofing.We have more than 2800 successful projects in Gujarat.

We are Confident and we can provide you with our work in a professional manner.The best way to flat terrace waterproofing with Silicone Polymers. This is a thin layer of waterproof materials that is continuous, and offers no path for water to enter the structure. We Apply waterproofing on; Terrace waterproofing Contractor, Basement waterproofing, Wall waterproofing Contractor, Bathroom waterproofing, Overhead Tank waterproofing Contractor, Underground Tank waterproofing, Swimming Pool waterproofing, Cement and Fibre Sheet Roofing waterproofing
Our Waterproofing services protect & preserves your valuable buildings

Waterseal is specialized in Terrace Waterproofing method . It is high in standards that meet international quality level.We firstly Treat the Major and Hair Cracks with Wateseal Polymeric Compound . Then the Joints of Para-fit & Rain water drain outlets. So After the applying the Three coats of silicone polymers with waterproof white cement . We make the surface completely waterproof and strong by Silicone Polymers Waterproofing Solutions.

The Complete anti leakage property of our roof coatings during monsoons provide a comfortable environment to the buildings. With its brilliant solar heat reflecting property, our roof Coating keep the building cool even in the peak afternoons. Easy to use, our water and heat repellent paints provide a favorable ambiance to the buildings.
Why Need Building waterproofing services ?

Any building over 15 to 25 years old would have These problems typically

A ) cracks on the walls and terrace

B) fungal formation on the roof top

C) ceiling painting peeling, wall dampness etc.,

Waterproofing is basically a method to stop water ingress in structure.Any solution is based on the problems that u have, it is not a specific problem.

Ideally, this is done by surface coating treatments using variety of materials depending on the site requirements, site specifications and requirement of desired result.

Basic & common surface Waterproofing coating available in Indian market are: Acrylic Based,Bitumen Based,Epoxy, Polyurethane (PU) based, SBR Etc.

There are 100’s of companies & 1000’s of chemicals in market. which we need to choose,for fixing a specific problem.

All of these are great companies who makes World Class products. we as a Expert User has to apply our brain to select products based on the technical Specification and features of the similar products that they reduce to select what we actually want.

‘Waterseal Silicone Polymers”Is the Best Solution for surface Coating. This is a thin layer of waterproofing material that is continuous, and offers no path for water to enter the structure.

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