How to waterproofing on New Terrace Waterproofing (Animated video)

How to waterproofing .Apply Waterproofing Chemicals on New Terrace Waterproofing (Animated)

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How to Waterproofing is a construction measure designed to prevent water from damaging a building.

It can be done during or after building work to protect the structure from water damage caused by rain, moisture and leaks.Water damage can result in serious issues to a building’s structure and appearance. It can damage not only the surface, but also affects the health and safety of those around the affected building.

Waterproofing is a tricky problem in building construction, mainly due to Slope of the Terrace. This means that the water cannot run off the structure quickly, and will move slowly or pool above the surface, creating opportunities for leakage.

During the monsoon,there can be leakage of water from the roof.Hence the moisture is seen in the ceiling and walls.During this situation you may require waterproofing, if waterproofing is not done then you have to face many problems like

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  • Water leakage may create short circuits in the fan, light, TV, fridge, or heavy currents to the wiring and switch boards.
  • In Monsoon,due to moisture the ceiling becomes weak, and there may be chances of accidental breakage of a large piece of Plaster.
  • As there is moisture in the walls ,not only the paint gets damage but also it will remain wet for a longer time and various micro-organisms and bacteria will grow in the walls. Causing risk for your family’s health.

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