DIY Bathroom waterproofing – Instant Solution for Leakage

DIY Bathroom waterproofing

Waterseal Brand Proper Do it yourself kits for the Terrace,Wall and Bathroom Crack and Joints Repair Kit Check out this video to find out how it worked and to get some tips and tricks if you’re trying this out on your own house.

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Waterseal Clear Coat is also used to Seal Water leakages from Decorative Terrace and Balconies. 2 Coats of Waterseal clear coat over the surface is advisable to get 100% waterproof Results. We can Waterproof Textured floors,Swimming Pools, Decorative China mosaic, Terrazzo Flooring,Fancy tiling ,etc while maintaining its actual look.

What is Included in a  DIY Bathroom waterproofing  kit or 50 Running Feet OR 1 Bathroom

DIY Bathroom waterproofing1. Clear-Coat (Part -1) : 200 ml
2. Clear-Coat (Part -2) : 200 ml
3. Crack Grouting Powder : 200 gm
4. Needle Bottle 100 ml (for Application)
5. 4″ Hand Scraper : 1 Nos.
6. Hand Gloves : 1 Pair
7. Measuring cup For 100 ml
8. Hand Grout ( Diamond ) Cutter : 1 Nos.
9. How to Apply Instruction- Hard Copy.
10. 2″ Paint Brush : 1

1,750.00 1,350.00

DIY Bathroom waterproofing  – How to Stop Bathroom Leakage without Removing floor Tiles ?

Surface Preparation:

A surface needs to be properly prepared it should be Clean, Dry and Dust-free.


Make sure that the surface is completely Dry. No pipes or Taps Dripping
No Rising humidity from beneath the ground.

All oils, greases, residues must be properly cleaned before attempting
Waterseal  Clearcoat – Tile Joint Sealant

  1. Make sure that the surface is completely Dry. Clean the Surface thoroughly using cloth.The surface should be free of dust, before application.
  2. Use a Hand Scraper and remove old grouts(joints)in Tiles. So chemical can be filled in it.
  3. Mix WATERSEAL’S Clear-Coat )ratio of 1:1. (Minimum Part A- 50 ml+ Part B-50 ml).
  4. Fill the mixture into Joints By Needle Container Use the mixture in less than 30 minutes,else it will start drying.Joints will take 4 to 6 Hours to Dry. After repeat Same Procedure and Fill the All Joints
    2nd Time. Once all joints are filled up.
  5. Fill the Big Crack & Joint Grooves with mixed filler using Putty-knife (4″ Hand Scraper)(1Part Clear coat mixer + 2 Part Crack Grouting Powder )Clean the Surface thoroughly using cloth. let the surface to dry for at-least 12-18 Hrs.
  6. For better results : Coating all over the tiles by Paint Brush and Roller.
  7. Warning: Never add the left over mixture back to the chemical container else the chemicals will start drying. Store in cool & well- ventilated Place.

Waterseal Clear coat kit demo

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